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We rent motion picture film and TV equipment such as Arri Alexa Mini Camera, RED DRAGON Camera, Canon Cameras, Zeiss CP3 Lenses, Canon CN Lenses, Jimmy Jib, ARRI Lighting, Grips and Transport facilities. All equipment are in House-Kit. AVS strives to deliver the highest quality rentals at affordable rates to filmmakers in the contemporary film industry in Mauritius.

  • Film, TV & Photo Equipment Rental


Arri Alexa Mini
RED Scarlet-W Dragon
RED Scarlet-X Misterium
Canon 1DXmk 2
Canon 5Dmk4
Canon 6D
Canon C100
Canon C100mk 2
Canon XF 305
Canon XF 705
Canon MH-200

Camera Accessories

Wireless Transmittion
Vaxis Storm 300ft
Vaxis Storm 1000ft
DJI Follow Focus
DJI Ronin M
DJI Ronin
DJI Ronin S
IKAN 17” on field Monitor
Atomos Shogun 7” Monitor
Bright Tangerine MatteBox Atom 4x5.45
Bright Tangerine MatteBox DNA 4x5.45
Nisi ND Filters 4x5.45
Cartoni Maxima Head + Legs
Miller Cineline 70 Head + Legs
Trustmotion Sliders
Jimmy Jib Triangle 30ft
Easyrig Vario 5
SDI Cables 25m,50m,100m
HDMI Cables 1m,3m,5m


Arri Skypanel S60c + Remote + Barndoor
Arri L7c + barnsdoor
Arri HMI M18
Arri 650w
Arri 300w
Arri 2k Soft
Area 48 LED Panel
Wescott Flex 1x1 Daylight
T5 5K Tungsten
T2 Tungsten
T1 Tungsten
800w Red head


Zeiss CP3 Set
Canon CN Set
Canon EF Set
Nikkor EF Set


Matthews Combo
Matthews Combo Low Boy
Matthews C stand
Avengers C stand
Matthews Clamps
Matthews Roadflag 2 Silk/Black
Matthews Black Flags 2x1
Wescott Skrimjim 4x6 Translucent/Silver
Skimmer Silk 12x12
Skimmer Black 12x12
Green Screen 12x12
Skimmer Frame 12x12

Unit Gears

Easy-tent 3x3
Fire Estiguisher
Generators 7KVa
Industrial Fan 3”
Portable Air Conditionner 12,000BTU
Plastic Tables
Plastic Chairs
Directors Chairs
LED for Team
Ice Packs
Magliners Carts


Rode Shotgun NTG 3
Rode Blimp
Rode Pole
Zoom H6
Zoom H5
Zoom H4
Seinnheiser G3
Seinnheiser G4
XLR Cables

Drone & Underwater

DJI Phantom 4
DJI Phantom 4 Pro
DJI Inspire 1 Pro
DJI Mavic Pro 2
HugyFlot housing for Canon 5D mk 3
Underwater LED lights